Akashic Records Reading with Clearings & Activations (60 mins)
Akashic Records Reading with Clearings & Activations (60 mins)

Akashic Records Reading with Clearings & Activations (60 mins)

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What is the Akashic Records?

Once only accessible by sages, wise men, and chosen ones, the Akashic Records, also known as "The Book Of Life" is now available to those to seek answers to the mysteries of the universe, their past life, personal existence, and evolution.

The Akashic Records is a collective data bank of where your soul has journeyed throughout the lifetimes. It is ever-changing. This data bank holds memories to your triumphs, challenges, tasks undertaken, promises and vows you have made to yourself and to others. This is also the realm where you will access your divine blueprint and discover your divine gifts and life purpose. 

    How can the Akashic Records help you?

    The Akashic Records are here to help us be a better version of ourselves and to bring us closer to who we are meant to be. If you are looking to:

    • Search for practical solutions to your life's challenges
    • Discover your soul's purpose
    • Breakaway from vicious cycles of all nature
    • Heal emotional, spiritual and physical trauma
    • Better understand yourself and your needs
    • Seek guidance on the path you should take
    • and many more

    Then an Akashic Records Reading may be just what you need.

    What to expect during the session:

    Each session is 60 minutes and can be held online or in-person. 

    During the first 30 minutes, with your permission, I will access your Akashic Records with a sacred prayer. You will then proceed to ask your questions that you have prepared in advance and I will communicate the information I receive from your Akashic Masters, Teachers, Guides, and Angels.

    For the last 30 minutes, you will be lying down or any position you feel comfortable, while I will run the Akashic Light Clearings and Activations (energy healing) for you. The Akashic Light Clearings and Activations are a set of energetic commands that are curated to help you to clear away blockages and to empower you.

    I ask that you come to the session with an open heart and mind so that you will be able to receive guidance and answers you seek from your Akashic Masters, Teachers, Guides and Angels smoothly.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    This was my first ever akashic record reading and crystalz has answered to all my questions satisfactorily. The most amazing thing was she visualised and described exactly the same scenery which I always see when I meditate. Such an awesome and apt guidance. Thank you Crystalz.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Rachel Tan

    I did Akashic Life Reading and Light Activation & Clearing with Crystalz. Her reading is very accurate and understanding about my past life helps me to understand my current situation and karma better. It also helps me to become more grateful to the people I meet, knowing that I have met them before. I also wrote down everything that she told me during the session including all the advice given and it has enabled me to reflect upon the struggles I went through before and improve on myself to become a better person.


    Hi Crystalz, I wanted to let you know that your reading has helped a lot. I had earlier this year thought about selling my hand beaded jewellery on the side but never took the next step forward. Somehow, learning about my Creative gifts that I brought along with me from my past lives gave me the final push to put up my pieces for sale and within a week, I already sold 8 of my pieces ... WOW!

    I introspect on the lessons that I am meant to learn and they resonate deeply with me. I have more clarity and drive now than I did before and I am excited to see what unfolds in my life from now on.

    Can’t thank you enough!!


    Crystalz is a very helpful person and has been extremely patient with my queries. She has answered them to my satisfaction and has taken every possible care and i feel comfortable. She goes to touches upon every possible detail on the issues. Thanks to Crystalz, a beautiful soul 😊

    Wobbly Tan

    Lyrics of the the song "I can see clearly now" best describes my enlightening experience of Akashic Reading with Crystalz. The clouds of Whys and Hows Crystalz cleared... Made for an insightful and somehow justified acceptance of all past, present issues, shedding hints also on expecting what's likely to come up in the future. I'm rendered peaceful and calm in my present state to deal with what challenges life has in store for me.