About Me

Hello, my name is Crystalz!

Welcome to my Page.

I am a travelling psychic intuitive and energy healer from Singapore. 

My interest for spirituality and metaphysics started at a young age. I would always been drawn to supernatural or religious books. I can still remember that my favourite book was Vinny The Little Vampire and I believe that was the start of my journey into the unknown. I recall trying to comprehend Egyptian Book Of The Dead at 8. Obviously, I gave up at that time.

When I was in my teens, I started to explore the realm of divination with tarot cards, oracle cards and runes. 

At early 20s, I decided to gave up my law degree to pursue a Diploma in Feng Shui by Grandmaster Vincent Koh from Singapore. After which, I went on to further Ba Zhi (4 Pillars) Reading and I-Ching Divination with Grandmaster Raymond Lo from Hong Kong. Since then, I have learnt with different Masters but I never found my calling.

In 2015, I came across the Akashic Records from a friend and I never looked back since. Working within my own Akashic Records, I gained clarity into my life’s blueprint and my divine gifts. This is when I realised that everything that has happened to me was to prepare me to be a channeller, healer and teacher.

In 2019, I finally embarked on my journey to becoming an Akashic Records Teacher under the Akashic Light Academy and I now bring this modality to you.

My wish is to help my all clients establish a deeper connection within themselves and the higher realms. To understand their life’s purpose and divine gifts like I have. And to provide my clients with guidance from their Guided Masters, Archangels, Teachers and Loved Ones.


With Love & Light,